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Aug 20, 2012
Guelph, Ontario,Canada
1999 C5
I have a lovely 99 convertible and had the misfortune to run over a rock that some kind person dropped on the road. It popped a hole in the right front fender and damaged the right, what I call the rocker panel. I have one body guy who wants to smooth things over. Withe the three stage red paint, I don't think it will match the rest of the car and feel the insurance company should have to paint the vehicle to maintain the integrity of the car.

Any thoughts? I have been given an accurate quote of $4,300 to repair the hole (the whole fender and quarter) and they are offering to do a total paint of the whole car for another $2,900.

Any thoughts, my friends? I'm in Guelph, Ontaio

It would be wise to get a second opinion from another reputable bodyshop. Steve McEwen at Fininshline repainted the front chin on my car matching the paint flawlessly. The painted on my car is also a difficult one to match and I would be confident he could repair your car with satisfaction as well. He is in the same building as Manny and can be reached at 519-648-3888.
don't repaint the whole car, these guys can match paint so well now it would be a waste and there is nothing like having the orig. paint on the car. Repainting always is a red flag to any potential buyer.... JMHO Rob
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