Oct 30, 2010
Chilliwack, B.C
2007 Indy Pace Car
Hello Everyone . I'm very excited, I finally bought my Vette-a 2007 Indy Pace Car. I found it on ebay motors and Its being shipped up to the border from Chicago in 2-3 weeks. I asked them to hold off a bit so I can set up my garage. I got a 3rd party inspection done and it came back as new
/excellent Car. Look at the link below and scrool down to the Pic's . Cheers Everyone

Chevrolet : Corvette - eBay (item 200575883647 end time Feb-22-11 13:16:20 PST)
-- Hb32 --Yes , I believe thats the bow tie on the hood, this is a complete replica 1 of 500 ,although it might be missing the Chevolet on the top of the Windsheild, I would rather not have that anways, no mods/additions anywhere.

--Likarok, cost is $ 1,400.00 to transport it in a enclosed carrier to the border. Its not directly up to Canada, I'm meeting him just 2 min south of the border, aprox 1/2 Hr from my house.I'll bring it though the border and deal with all the paper work myself . It would of cost me another $ 1,300.00 for them to broker it and drop it off at my door.
my son just brought his across and he paid gst, an import fee and an air conditioning fee. this was at north portal, north dakota. just at the bottom of sask. then he had to fill out a riv form online for the international inspection.
I believe my riv fee was $95 or something like that and it covered the federal inspection. The provincial inspection was suppose to be $100 but they padded it up to $300.
C6Vette , sorry for the clarifation , but the HST is 12% in B.C and 13% in Ont.There is a chart below if anyone is interested in the taxes to paid on a vehicle when purchasing. Cheers

Terr 2011 Rate Provincial Web Sites

BC 12% HST n/a(3) BC Consumer Taxes
TaxTips.ca PST in BC and BC HST
BC Harmonized Sales Tax
AB 5% GST n/a
SK 5% GST 5% Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax
MB 5% GST 7% Manitoba Retail Sales Tax
ON 13% HST n/a(4) Ontario Retail Sales Tax
TaxTips.ca Ontario HST
Ontario What is the HST?
QC 5% GST 8.5%(1) Qu
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