Which one does everyone recommend? I know what they do and where they plug in but they all appear to do the same things. What does one do better than all the others?
If it's just to read and erase codes, both will work fine the 519 unit have no internal battery so you have to be connected to the car or your computer to power it up, the 439 does have a internal battery neither of them do ABS brakes, there is also the 419 for a lower price that does almost everything the 439 does without the battery. Go on princessauto.com, clic on shop by brand, clic on AUTEL then you can clic in a small square to compare the 3 units. The 519 also have graphics and mode 6 but mode 6 is a way more complicated method of diagnostic that is only used by a trained tech. I use the Maxidas ms708, it's an amasing tool for the price, I had it on promotion at 1600$ including 1 year update and the TPMS tool, It does as much as my Snap On Verus at 10000$. Hope it helps Stephane :seeya:
Diagnostic tool

I have the blue tooth and Torque pro as well ... works great. Used it quite a few times on my 08 sierra for evap system problems and saved myself a few hundred by not having to go to the dealer. Its more than worth the 15 bucks:seeya:
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