Nice find...damn that is a great price....May just have to pick one up .

I bought the previous model 4 years back and still running strong
Hmm just wondering if its ok for regular car batteries. The description of this particular unit says perfect for smaller type batteries but also good for normal sized car batteries

CTEK US 0.8 - CTEK Battery Chargers

Looks like it's ok for "maintenance charging" of regular batteries Peter.
It is different than the normal 3300 chargers that most of us have.

I think what they mean is that it will maintain a bigger car battery but wouldn't be good for charging one from dead. The ones I have are the Multi US 3300. It has settings for big, small batteries etc and did charge a battery that was so dead that the interior light wouldn't even glow. Over night and it was good to go. The one advertised is the cheapest in the C-Tek line. If memory serves me correctly, I paid about this same price for our 3300 series units last year when CTC was getting out of them.
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