Great news Jason. Congrats and welcome.

Post up pics when you can and share all the car's details and your plans for possible mods.

I'll bet there are many 'vettes on the Island.

You might want to say hi in the "New Users" section -- New Users

Thanks Colin, ill get some pics up real soon. There are a lot of great vettes here on the island, but only a handfull of c3's. I picked mine up in Ontario and ill post some pics and specs in the new users section. Thanks again.

You're very welcome Jason. Glad to have you (and the '76) aboard. :D

I'd love to be back on the island cruisin' my 'vette. Some day soon I hope.

Look forward to the pics and hearing all about your new whip.

Will do soon... Although the car is pretty rough at the moment. There are a couple pics in my profile, showing off her good side... Well, better side... The previous owner was pretty hard on her, gonna take my sons and I a while to get her presentable. All things in time. Still havent even had a chance to get under her to figure out what she has for a motor... Don't think its stock. Anyway, pics will follow.
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