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Feb 28, 2015
Thunder Bay
2004 Coupe
Hi folks - I have a 2004 coupe - the last of the long wheel bases beauties. Loaded right up and low mileage. Picked up in Arizona. Everything worked great but now the passenger power window just clicks but does not move. Worked off and on for a few months but now nothing in the past year. Any suggestions or ideas? Look forward to the wisdom.
hello Breaking 100...

My 2003 windows are working fine so I can't help with your issue.
But I'm curious because we all like to share our remedies.!

Welcome to the site.
we can't wait to hear more about your car.

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I have the manuals for 03 and if you need anything looked up I don't mind trying to help.

Must be something simple but these intermittent issues are a real pain sometimes.

Let me know if I can help.
Had a similar problem with my 2000. The garage told me that there was an issue with the window motor. It worked intermittently...they said it is designed to stop working when it over heats. They fixed the problem for me but told me eventually the motor would have to be replaced because the faulty part of the motor could not be replace separately. If I recall correctly the quoted around $500 for the new window motor

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Slight chance it could be a "gummed up" window track and mechanism problem too. Partial dismantle, clean and lube may help take the strain off the motor. I need to do that with the windows on my '77 Firebird.
I would expect a new window motor is nowhere near $500! I would guess under $100. I was thinking I needed one for my '87 C4 and seem to recall pricing one at about $75. Overcame the problem by finding a bad connection at the switch.
I had the same problem on the drivers side of my 00 C5...changed out the motor/mechanism and all is good now. There are several "how to's" on the forum for this and its fairly easy.
Thanks for all the tips folks - will order a window mechanism complete as I have an in on parts - will let everyone know what I find when I take it apart.

Thanks again good people. Car is in storage in Canada - when I get back form California I can get at it and do the work.
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