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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
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Stay tuned for final details but keep it open if you can and I look forward to hooking up again........(bring your smiles and shines -- I'll have camera in hand as usual).:D

Mud and Centennial Tim's - Friday, July 12, 11:30 'ish -- I should be there by 11:15 and may have Terry in tow again depending on his sched.


(pardon the misspell on Mud again -- Wayne. -- couldn't edit)

Riley -- if you would edit that for me please).
Bad news: I'll be there but the car won't be. Painting has been near impossible lately so that job isn't finished yet and won't be until Monday. No car for Friday or Sunday.......BUMMER!!!!!!

I'm hoping my sparkling personality, happy face and photography will make up for lack of 'vette......

(What's that you said Wayne? : Fat chance?):D

See you at 11:15'ish

File this under:
Now That He Has One, We'll All Want One

Not to be outdone by the Supercharged crowd, or the "free T-Shirt" crowd, Tony has once again put himself at the leading edge of the conservation movement with this new addition to his car, PETA will be very proud.


Other than that, it was a very nice way to spend a lunch hour with very nice people.
Wow..Tony. That angel thing really stands out with the yellow paint. Where on earth did you get that? Now you know I'll just have to go find a bigger and better one !!!! ROFL
I think you're trying to get me into trouble !!

Looking at Colin's photos......what bird ?? And my corvette doesn't fly;
no S/C , unlike some others. [g].

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