Oct 19, 2012
Just a follow up post to my oil spray question. I would like to use POR-15 on some minor surface rust on the under carriage. Do I have to use a wire brush first or just paint right over it ? Also, will it stop the rust at the site or does it rust underneath the POR-15 ? Finally, I read on-line that POR-15 will not stick on "smooth" previously painted surfaces, is that true ? How do you get around that ? Is there some sort of primer ?

I was on the site and they describe using "Marine Clean" and "Prep & Ready". Are these really necessary? If so do you just spray them onto the undercarriage then rinse with a hose ? the let dry and brush on the POR 15 ? Has anyone ever done it ?
Por 15

Greetings - I did the underside of a 68' 442 Conv a few years ago with the car on jack stands. Had to clean off all the oil blow by and wire brush any loose surface rust. Did the complete bottom and the frame.
Used a brush and several sponges along with white suits, rubber gloves, masks head cover etc.
Sponges were good for getting in above the frame rails where there is not much room.
Took about 5 - 6 hrs, but did a very nice job.
Make sure there is lots of protection on the ground since it bonds with the concrete and is very hard to lift up. Also make sure your head is covered or you will need a buzz cut if you get it in your hair.
I also fixed up the interior of the trunk (POR15 trunk kit), coated it with Por 15 and then sprayed it with the original fleck paint and it turned out fine.
rocky yo:
I didn't put any frame paint over the POR 15. I used the black and it is a slightly higher gloss than stock, but looked much better than before. Also dropped the gas tank and and did the area above the axle, sway bars, rear diff etc. with POR 15. Then refinished the gas tank with aluminum paint and polished up the shocks.
I do have a few Pics - If there is a way to send me your e mail, I can forward them to you.
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