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Feb 5, 2009
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Lets have a poll on a group purchase .
I would like to do a GP for this forum , so I tought I would have a poll on which product member's would be most interested in .
Here is the list:

Vararam -cold air intake
LG Headers (Street Series)
Pfadt Racing Suspension's (Swaybars/coilovers)

Let's if we can't come up with some great pricing on one of thses products E.C.P carries.

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Vararam for the 2005 LS2. The prices on some sites are comeing down.
I don't know if you can do any better. But if you know something, then I am in!!!:seeya:
Where is the icon that shows the happy face pulling the lining out of it's pockets? Would love headers, but those are way down the list. Great idea to have a GP, sorry I cannot be a part of it.:(
Manny can you offer any other GP options.
Maybe something bigger like heads, Trickflow, AFR or Patriot, or something
smaller like a Goodridge, Braketech stainless brake lines with bleed valves and new fluids package.
I will being looking at a GP on the LG Street Series & will look into some tunnel plates as well . Look for a post sometime this week.

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