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Jul 6, 2012
none right now.
Weather is still to cold any snowy to get the car out but I thought I'd post some pics of recent work I've completed to get ready for spring.



New door sill trim on both sides. Amazing the difference this makes on how the interior looks when you open the door. Got them from Corvette Central.


New reproduction AM/FM Stereo radio from CC. This one works just like the original Delco unit but has 180 watts and a jack in the back for my iPod/phone/satellite/whatever. I still need to wire it up when I get a day to myself but I couldn't resist installing it for now. Sure looks better than the old Audiovox from the 80's that came with the car last year.



Cleaned and polished all of the wheel trim this past winter and painted the rims last week when it was a bit warmer out. Got everything back together on the weekend. Paint was peeling off of the rims and "Chevrolet Motor Division" paint was faded/gone from center caps so I painted the caps during the winter.



Pics of interior just because. :D
Thanks Doug. I'll probably check the timing in a couple of weeks when I get a week off. I need to get a small 12 volt battery to run the timing light and a vacuum gauge. And I still need to replace the dash speakers, the ball vents on each side of the dash and try and figure out why the tach isn't working. I have a new tach board on hand if that turns out to be the problem. I also have some rear speakers to install. Lots of work to do yet.
i replaced the tach filter on mine and it helped, it looks like an ignition condensor and is mounted on the intake manifold.

Tried that last year. No luck. I've got to get under the dash and make sure I've got 12 volts to the tach as it is absolutely dead; when I start the car, the tach sits at about -5 and doesn't move. I have to pull the whole dash apart to get at the speakers so that's when I'm going to work on the tach.
Wow you've been busy Greg -- great job and what a difference those sills make. As you say they're the first thing you look at on entry and those are terrific.

Interior was nice b4 but you've done an awsome job on it and made it even more special. Great job...... love the AM/FM from CC. Beauty OEM unit with some extra punch for decent listening.

Really like the overall stack, and console on your '75 -- Looks like a clean and new install. Good job.

The interior in general looks simply awsome ..... the wheels look new also -- I can see that you spent a lot of time of them.

Looking forward to seeing that baby again this year. The b4 and after pics must be spectacular.

Thanks guys. Manny, if I can't get this tach figured out I may just have to enlist your services. I'd really like to get it working this year.
Wow, had any of the C3's I looked at were even close to this interior, I would have bought it. Really nice. I have a soft spot for the red, my first car ('76 Camaro RS) had the red interior, but with houndstooth cloth.
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