anyone else experiencing difficulty uploading pictures ? no trouble till now, it gets to about 3% and then fails. i have'nt changed anything or done anything differently. :confused: :swear:
anyone else experiencing difficulty uploading pictures ? no trouble till now, it gets to about 3% and then fails. i have'nt changed anything or done anything differently. :confused: :swear:

Yes they're going thru some teething issues with the new format and things aren't what they should be Doug.
A month ago I couldn't bulk move pics from there to here since the 'LINK' wouldn't work. -- Presumably they fixed it since now it's working for me.

LIke you I've also been having problems uploading to them -- which should size the pics properly automatically..... This now is working for me but when it didn't I resized to to smaller (about 200k bytes) which solved the issue. I figured at the time their auto-resizer wasn't working properly.
I just did a trial upload on a batch I did earlier in the week and it hung up on a couple of pics but finally after a couple minutes finished uploading without timing out.
It's not right tho -- probably teething issues I mentioned b4..

Just to be sure you might try turning off your virus scanner and popup blocker to see if that's the cause. I suspect that it's their end tho.

I uploaded a few pictures today. I could not bulk upload, only individual upload. Took longer than usual. Too many video adds running at the same time.:canada:
Photobucket is not the only player. Somehow it has become the favorite of most forum users both here and on other forums I belong to. That is just fine, but if it is not working for you, try one of the other picture share sites.

I never liked phtobucket right from the first time I tried it. Most of the time I use Image Shack, but it is not the end all either. It is much the same as phtobucket.
ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

I you are only looking to share pictures on the forum and not worrying about having them available to share anytime, you might like to try Image Titan. What I really like about this site is that there is no membership or crap to fill out. Just upload your pictures and share.
ImageTitan - The Best Free Image Hosting... Period!

Anyway, just pointing it out. More than one way to share your pictures.

And you guys that have a hard time resizing a picture... you can try this free web picture resizer; works very well.

Web Resizer - Crop & Resize Images Free Online - Optimize images for websites and email

Hope this is of help to some of you.:seeya:
I've no issues with Photobucket today, including bulk uploading. I do agree between the "adchoice" google ads, and the one big video during upload, there is lots of animated content on these pages that could potentially affect your browser, since it's all flash and java based. The price we pay for their free service. If you become a paying client, all the ads are removed.

I think Photobucket is the goto site for a lot of us as it was one of the first sites to allow imbedding of images into forums using the tags. And since all our photos are on PB, PITA to move them to a new site. What's the saying, "you can't teach an old dog a new trick." Now all of them do it. Now I'm waiting for the foums to catch up with the video hosting sites instead of just [yt].

But plenty of other image hosting sites out there. Flickr, ImageShack, TinyPic, Imgbox, etc that work with the [img] tags.
my library seems to be ok again now and i can access and post from it. however, new pics still won't go past the 3 - 9% stage. i can go and get a coffee, come back, and it still hasn't progressed any further. i tried imageshack and get the same thing. these things are instruments of the devil i tell you !!! repent now, arrgghh :swear: :rofl:
had a little trouble with Photobucket lately -- twice in as many days it wouldn't allow bulk download (to CCF) -- Just when I wanted it to work -- it wouldn't.
If it keeps up I'll have to think of another host.

Trouble with moving is moving all one's pictures to the new host and re-posting all of them......Once you start on a host it's very difficult to leave.

mine worked again yesterday. when i did an update of java a while back, something called mcafee security tagged along with it. i got rid of mcafee and i can upload pics once more......i'm not 100% certain that was the problem but it does seem suspicious - non !!!???

Yes it does, Doug and it brings to mind that my last of Java about a month ago which included McAfee -- I promptly nixed it but it may have tagged along as you say.
I'll have to check my installed programs for a possible unwanted tag-along.

Did a check of installed programs and nada showing........
So I need to do a "reg-edit" to see if there's some trace that needs nixing there too.

Boy something they call "free" these days has all kinds tagging along and mucking up the works and just opting out seems isn't good enough. :rolleyes:


I'll post what I find.


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