Well, due to reading, like an idiot. I just found out that Pfadt has closed it's doors. Well, let me be the first one to say, that sucks! I thought they made a lot of great product.

Hey Manny, do you know what happened? The site states that they had too many orders and due to the long backorder times and lack of investment to expand, they closed their doors. Sounds odd to me, but the end result is that they are closed.

Would you have any solutions or alternatives to some of the product they offered? I was debating about a tranny brace to eliminate my drivetrain shake as much as possible. Is there something else you can suggest?

Here is a link to the news: http://www.pfadtracing.com/blog/pfadt-race-engineering-has-closed/
Ummm... ya... that seems a little odd. Too busy so shut the doors?! Maybe stop taking new orders for a while?! Hmmm... here's hoping it wasn't from too many warranty replacements needed which caused the backlog or similar issue...
Well, with all the reading I've done, I have not ever heard of anyone talk down Pfadt. The only comments may be about the higher price, but the quality was never questioned.

I agree, if they could have just stopped taking orders or maybe did a small expansion as money and room allowed, (if that was the problem), then it would be nice if they were around.
There is a lot of cheap knock off Chinese stuff out there and guys always go for the cheapest. Too many won't pay for the quality. I doubt very much that they had too many orders. We weren't all born in a cabbage patch and dropped on our heads. They seem to have always been a quality company. I think this is more a sign of the state of our economies. Keisler shut down under funny circumstances as well.
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That really sucks! I have their coilovers, and diff brace installed on my C5 Z06 and they are top notch. I have even emailed them to find out about different spring rates, shock rebuilds and what sway bar set up to go with, and their service was incredible! This whole thing blows my mind!!!! I don't understand how you can be too successful.

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I wonder if they are going to be retooling and opening later???

If they are shut down, I am extrememly surprised soemone wouldn't buy them and make them stronger than before. Unless the owner was asking way too much money???

I don't know. I think from what I read, I would buy the company, make it less successful and keep the doors open! :D

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