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Feb 17, 2009
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2001 Z-51 Coupe
Pounding on the miles today---lots of curvey roads between Montpelier, Vt and Bangor, Maine---awesome!! Headed down to Bar Harbour--then across #1 to Machias, Maine--found a quaint little hotel--where the tide regularly ebs and flows--twice in a 24 hour period!!

Crossing into Maine

Crossing into New Hampshire

At Bar Harbour, Maine--beautiful--worth the drive!!
Greated by this American Bald Eagle first thing in the morning!!

then off to Canada by way of the #1 scenic hyway up to New Brunswick

and of course confederation bridge out to PEI

The island is just beautiful!!!
Found a great car show in Charlottetown on Saturday--great bunch of guys and gals--all gear heads!!

Beautiful Black Nova SS--350 four speed!!

and a Chevelle 396 SS cowl inductor !!!

Time to pack up and head home!!

the bridge on the way home!!-left at 2 pm---made Edmonston, New Brunswick by 7 pm---raining and not too many shots on the way home---tomorrow Guelph or Bust!!!!
that's a great trip willy. those pei lobster suppers are something else eh. i took the same route through the states back in 78 and really enjoyed the drive. i doubled back from bar harbour and crossed to nb at st. croix, very scenic.
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