Corvette Central, an American outfit, seems to have a good reputation and have free shipping to Canada from time to time. Do a Google search for Corvette parts dealers in Canada. People have had problems with some of them apparently. it's best if you have a part number that you are ordering so that there is no confusion as to what you want. Your GM dealer has an accessory catalogue for Corvette specific parts. Lots of neat add ons.
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I've been buying from Corvette Depot canada located in Windsor Ontario. Some parts are even cheaper than from the US , but mostly are on par with US dealers. The money exchange right now is against us ordering from the US. No cross border shipping issues either. They can be abit slow if they don't have part in stock . Check out their online site. Corvette Central will not send to me with mail so they are of no use to PO Box holders.
If you are going to the U.S. I find it works great to order and have the parts delivered to the hotel. We go to Myrtle Beach for the month of March and it works out beautifully. Often free shipping, no taxes because of crossing state lines and nothing to pay at the border with an $800 per person allowance.
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