Jun 30, 2018
Dollard des Ormeaux, PQ
1986 Corvette
I have recently been pleasantly pleased to have fixed my Corvette while saving a chunk of change while doing it. First situation, my 1986 Vette had a problem with the blower motor resistor. Being the higher level automatic A/C system, the replacement part from the usual US Vette parts suppliers was pushing $100 plus shipping. With a little research, I discovered that this system was also incorporated on the Cadillacs and upscale Buicks and Oldsmobiles of this era. Sure enough, I was able to locate a wrecked '91 Caddy in the local scrapyard, and $20 later, all works perfectly. Even the factory part numbers were identical. Second situation, the wiper motor on my '85 started acting funny, yet again was a $100+ replacement cost. Do a little research, and I discovered that the Camaros, Firebirds, and a few other GM vehicles utilized the same motor, but with differently configured wiper motor control covers. Found one off of an '85 Camaro, and for a lowly $27.00. Just used the original Vette cover. Always check around to see if there is an identical part which would fit your vehicle. The same unit is sold at a higher price with a Corvette part number, but alas far cheaper with a part number from another division.

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