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Feb 22, 2011
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This is a good place to go salmon fishing, rooms are nice for a fishing lodge. Was my second time staying here June 2010 and June 2013, they thought of everything. You can bring the ladies along with you, they can take the free water taxi across to April Point on Quadra Island that is where the salon/spa, is same resort. Might be a little hard on the wallet but everybody s happy. Guys fish while the ladies get dolled up :D Afterwards they have a pool to relax around or 2 dinning rooms, lounge area and a bar area.

Main lodge- Dinning room, lounge and bar

April Point - Dinning room, lounge and spa

Spa (cruise ship in the back ground)

Mmmmm twins

Rest of the haul

Hay, SF, that's only a short distance from Steamer's place in Comox where I'm staying before we drive home in my just bought C4.

I'll have to see if he wants to cruise up that way during my stay. We will be taking a close look at Mt. Washington so maybe a trip up to Campbell River won't be too much out of the way.

Thanks for posting. I'm so looking forward to my visit to the Island. First time. Unfortunately it'll be only 3 days long before our trip back to Ontario.

There will be other trips out there I hope.

Hey Colin: went to April point spa two years ago with four other couples...and we had a blast. "Hairball" was our guide from Painters Lodge day one and we put on a salmon massacre for the sockeye. Hired a private charter "Sonny" for the other couple days and did some crabbing and shrimping while we fished for Pinks. You nailed it on the head...the spa is a nice way to include the ladies...mind wife out-fished most of the men.
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