Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
if this weather doesn't break soon i'm wondering how many of us will be bringing our cars on the 24th. i know i won't be able to get my car home from my buddy's for awhile because his road is nastier than the oregon trail. i think i will have to wait until it dries out substantially and gets graded. right now it's a mile and a half of pure hell.........thank goodness for my tundra !!! :seeya: doug.
Rain all this week isn't going to make the road any better but will wash the salt away and help get rid of the frost....if there is any left in the ground. A week of of sunshine and warm weather can do wonders for the back roads along with a grade job. Never say never. I'm hoping to have ours out on the 24th. We will have had our car a year on the 25th.
well boys tomorrow is our lunch meet and it's supposed to rain. that is the last thing we need here right now with all the high water. looks like i may be a couple of weeks yet before the shark comes home, judging the condition of the road into my buddy's place. i paid the shark a visit on saturday. i took his cover off and brought him some jewellery.....a nice chrome do-dad to replace the plain-jane breather wing nut. i gotta keep my boy lookin' sharp !!! :D
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