Guitars, Lego, and Building things in my shop. I feel like this thread was done once when the forum started. maybe even back in the 306 forum days. Should be interesting to see all the new member responses.

I work a ton (easily 3,000+ hours a year) so between work, my car habit (which includes a bunch of track time) and my 3 kids there is zero time for anything else.

When I had time... which seems like a lifetime ago... I use to write/design software for fun. Games, utilities, etc.
Fishing is the best (for me) but I also like renovation, decoration and building anything for practical reason or just for fun. I am now building a home theater in my basement whit a 120'' screen, 7 speakers, 2 bars (this is a must), a huge closet (13'), special lightning systems divided in 9 sections to create all kind of ambiances. Now imagine my wife, every time we go to Florida, (except this year) I fill up the back of my Grand Caravan whit tools, she is getting crazy.

This winter, I had another hobby ''snow removal''
NASCAR, NFL/CFL happen most year round but I love to golf... can't wait... maybe 3 more weeks for our course to open here.

But three kids, just bought the business, an acreage (with full size dirt oval and landscaping projects), wanna drive my car to/at tracks... can't do it all!
Right now, all my time is soaked up working two jobs, being married, getting back into biking and enjoying the crap out of this forum.

I would like to slow it down a bit, get into more mechanics/projects and have more time for people. Future interests still include picking up the drums, getting into electronics (such as building some speaker systems, and various gizmos) but that will all wait.

You have absolutely amazing skill at the guitar! Very, very impressive. I tired picking up the guitar about 15 years ago but my fat little fingers (thanks mom!!!) just couldn't reach the strings with some of the chords.
I have an interest in stock markets and equity trading. I have a host of managed funds but the more I educate myself the more proactive and hands on I want to be. Motorcycle road racing although I sold my bikes and just watch MotoGP and AMA if I can catch them on TV. Summer time, detailing my daily driver to hone my skills for the fun cars. Also, anything to do with affordable fast cars. Two kids, 16 yr old son black belt Tae Kwon Do, 9 yr old daughter figure skating, dance, gymnastics that keep me busy most evenings.
What do I love??

My son, my farm, running, building plastic model tanks, reading military history, being the poster patient for my old oncologist for beating the odds 7 years later, F1............


Outside of the cars, we have our cottage and my canoe. We have a 90 hp Johnson on a bow rider boat and it hasn't been in the water in a dozen or more years. I like my canoe at 6:00 AM in the morning out on the lake. In the past, I have restored a couple of cars, built myself a few engines and maintain what I have. I have about four engines on stands in the corner of the garage taking up space. Just don't have a vehicle to put them in.
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I work most of the time ,never had a hobby or toy's .I love what I do and I'm excited about getting up each morning .

My wife insisted on me doing something and develop an interest in something .She persuaded me to go to a Corvette show back in the early 80's .Had a chance to buy a 65 frame off restored fuelie for $16,000 but thought it was to much .Bought a 69 vert that took 2 cases of oil to get it home .Spent $30,000 in two restorations and drove it 280,000 miles MAINLY TO WORK. I have no interests or hobbies :D
I enjoy playing, restoring, buying, selling and trading acoustic drums. The family is supportive but my skills are limited due to a left hand contracture. It has been operated on to increase mobility but only with limited success.
Completed a bucket list goal of restoring a large century home (often referred to as the 'other' money pit). Returned it back to a single family home from the former accounting firm office which the family and I reside in. Also enjoy antique furniture restoration/repair.


Taking these sleds up chutes like this one pictured

It's a huge rush
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