Mar 30, 2014
So my project has hit a snag so kinda gave up on it over the summer, seems I need an out of province inspection since there's no vin history, any idea where I could get it passed because I'm not looking to put thousands more into this car.

This is the first post of this thread right??? Is there more? It doesn't make sense that you need an out of province inspection so much as you need the history. The reason for such is to make sure the car or its parts haven't filtered through a situation where another car (or that car) was written off elsewhere.

An example of such might be where a car was written off in the US as a result of Katrina, only to be bought from the insurance agency, taken to another State, revinned and titled, hiding the original reason that it was written off. That car still cannot be registered in Ontario, although to the buyer, it may appear to be a legitimate purchase.

Can you elaborate at all?
Not a good predicament as VINs for any vehicle in Canada can be easily searched. Another avenue for you is to write the manufacturer. They will have record of the original vin and the dealership that the car was delivered to.
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