Jan 29, 2009
On planet Earth
I know that this is w-a-a-y OT.

Does anyone know or can recommend someone or company to fix my cracked foundation? Basement is leaking, dug down to the weeping tile (probably clogged) and I need a specialist who won't cost me a supercharger overhaul in mods for this repair.

Yikes! Sorry to hear about the crack in your foundation as that is never good. I hope you find someone good to fix it for you. My only suggestion would be Mike Holmes.:D

I need Mikee!!! :)

Ya it's a mess. Now the hole caved in last night with the rans. I guess I should have build a retaining wall as well. STOP!! What am I thinking! I am not Mike Holmes. I am not even Sherlock Holmes :) although he may also be needed to figure this out.
Ahh, the dangers of watching too many Home Repair shows. Well after spending a small fortune on the foundation (probably could use it anyway), the problem turned out to be a crack in the waste pipe coming from the upstairs kitchen sink. My thanks to Robert my plumber friend,for finding this.
No way. A small crack in a waste pipe caused foundation problems? Holy smokes. I am glad you got it repaired! (PS. this is post number 999...and my teachers said I would never amount to anything! I guess I showed them.)
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