So last week I got my refund cheque (for those not in the province of Ontario, government decided to refund residents the costs of license plate renewal fees from the last 2 years just in time for an upcoming provincial election this summer).

I took my cheque and deposited into my account using my phone bank app (mobile deposit) back on Thursday, fast forward to yesterday I get a call from my bank saying the cheque I deposited had a stop payment on it and they removed the amount that I deposited from my account. At first they asked if maybe I had already deposited the cheque somewhere else but I said no. At the time they did not know what type of cheque it was (they assumed it was just a regular cheque instead of a government cheque until they looked into it and found the cheque image in their systems). I then asked how there was a stop payment done on the cheque and by whom when it was issued by the Government of Ontario, mailed to my home and I did the mobile deposit using my phone. They could not tell me that info.

So on top of having the amount removed from my account according to the bank this is no different than a NSF cheque so I get slapped with the NSF fee. This morning I got on the horn with Service Ontario to find out WTF happened. After some time on the phone and explaining the whole situation I had to leave it with them as they investigate. They promised that I will hear from them in the next few days so we'll see how they are going to sort this situation out (got the name of the person I spoke with and a case #). BTW the wife got her cheque 2 weeks ago she did the same thing (mobile deposit) and no issue so why this happened to me makes no sense.

The Government of Ontario coffers isn't as full as we thought (I'm sorta pissed at them for the time being having this happen), will update when I get some answers.

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Yeah, that's probably what happened, someone else instead of me got the money. LOL

I kinda agree with the fact that my bank probably messed up somewhere but they didn't mention that to me. I've mobile deposited lots of cheques before this one and never had a problem, also received lots of e-transfers when I sell stuff so..............who knows why this happened.

Oh well, it'll get sorted out....................just have to wait a bit longer to get the 💰
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On my bank app I was able to retrieve the cheque image when I did the mobile deposit. Notice how on the top of the image of the cheque it looks like it's wrinkled and some important info is distorted when I took the pic (FTR when I took the pic of the cheque there was no damage to the cheque itself somehow the image when my phone took the pic caused that wrinkling effect).

RBC must've flagged it because of that thinking the cheque was tampered with.......................BS technology so they did a stop payment.

Still waiting for SO to get back to me.


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Not sure, I'm working on a few things and since SO haven't gotten back to me can't do too much as I need to know what they find out with their investigation. I plan to visit my RBC branch with the cheque and info and see what they say.

Probably should've deposited to my RBC account instead of my CIBC (since the cheque is from RBC) but most of my financial stuff is thru CIBC.
Was at my RBC branch yesterday with the story about this situation, teller took copies of the cheque and the image that I uploaded yesterday and forwarded to downtown RBC main branch for their "situation" dept to look into it.

I got an email this morning from them and I called to confirm the findings, they say it's ok to deposit the cheque at my RBC branch so I went there just b4 lunch and did the deed.

Still not out of the woods yet, I need to wait the "whatever" business days to make sure no other issue arises after which I will access the bribe money.

Now I need to get a hold of CIBC and get my NSF fee back for their app F UP.
They told me I could deposit it to my RBC account, well that lasted less than 1 day. This morning the cheque amount was debited back out of my account.

I'll need a new cheque, not SO fault but they will be hearing a handful from me till a new cheque shows up (and will be deposited conventionally), not in the mood for a repeat of this fiasco (thank you so much CIBC POS bank app).
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Update: 4 months later a new cheque showed up today in the mail. I have been hounding SO these last few months and even got in touch with my MPP to look into it. A few weeks ago I heard from them and a new cheque will be issued and I should get it in Sept. sometime.

Well, glad it showed up early. I should go RIGHT NOW and deposit it to my account via bank teller visit but I just got home and didn't want to go back out again so I will visit the brick and mortar physical bank tomorrow.

Dougie is now in my good books.
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