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Dec 19, 2009
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Barrie police made one of their most unusual recent arrests Tuesday evening when they picked up a 41-year-old man for drunken snow blowing.

Around 5:30 p.m., the man wandered out into the middle of Yonge St. at Little Ave., a major intersection on the south side of Barrie.

As rush hour traffic whizzed around him, he pushed a snow blower in front of him, whipping up piles of powder on the roadway.

On two occasions, he was almost hit by passing cars. "His capacity to make sound decisions was obviously affected," said Sgt. Robert Allan of the Barrie Police Service.

A passing police officer pulled over and arrested him. The man was kept in a holding cell until he sobered up, given a ticket for public intoxication, and released.

His name will not be released.

Despite the dangers of operating a piece of machinery while drunk, police couldn't charge him with anything more, as the snow blower was a push model, rather than a ride-on.

Had the machine been a ride-on model
HA! Awesome. Maybe he's just a very helpful drunk.

"While there's no law against operating heavy machinery while drunk, safety experts advise that it's still a very bad idea."

If that's the case, the next time I go to the bar I'll have to take a front end loader. I wonder what they meant by heavy machinery?
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