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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Can you guys tell a difference between these two knock sensors? They both came out of my engine yesterday. One of them was bad but I can't tell which one.


Long story short, water got into where the knock sensor sits on my car. There was also oil in there as the gasket between the block and knock sensor failed.:eek:

New Valley pan in with knock sensors and gaskets.


Anyway, after a day spent in Regina with Russ K working on the motor, I have a new LS6 intake, valley pan cover, coolant cross over tubes all supplied by our own Manny. I also relocated the PVC valve to reduce the amount of oil going into my intake. Whoo-hoo! The car is back up and running! Anyone in the Regina area with a Corvette, if you are looking for a place to get your car repaired or modded, go see Russ K!
Finally after long winter wait -- kudos Riley. That's a load off your shoulders, and the 'vette is ready for another fun season.
Can you tell if the Z06 intake has made any diff? It must have added some ponies.

Even apart, these engines are a thing of beauty aren't they....YUMMY.

As you said in my thread, only thing you need now is a catch can to eliminate any more fouling in the intake.
When you do get one talk to Manny. I forgot and ordered thru the US probably at a premium cost.

Will let you know how my install goes on the w/end.

Hope you get some seat time in and the weather continues to improve for you out there.

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