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Nov 10, 2012
2012 GS Centennial E
I sit here at Sauble Beach looking at my vette all wrapped up. One more month and I bring it to Manny for an upgrade to the stereo head unit and speaker. Oh going to install an MGW short shifter and "mild to wild" selector.

Can't wait. Dying here....
Not long now Sabraitis and you'll be cruising Sauble impressing the locals....

Hope to see it too this coming season. Maybe when you come down to Manny's.

Keep it together -- the next month will go past quickly.:D
I'm actually in Mississauga, vette is stored at my place in Sauble. I will be cruising the GTA. Planning on dropping it off at Manny's on March 19th.

See you soon CCO.
I'm usually at Sauble on Tuesday nights in the summer for cruise nights. Maybe I'll see you there. It won't be too much longer...
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