The GF picked this up for me the other day from Amazon:

I have a tap and die set and that's what I've been using like forever when I need to clean up nut and bolt threads, however did not know that when you use a tap to clean up nut threads you are actually cutting out metal from the fastener (I do know that taps and dies can make new threads and stuff so I guess I should've know this when cleaning up threads with T&D sets). My T&D set is also missing some popular sizes like M10x1mm, M12x1.25mm etc etc.

So when I got the new thread chaser kit it was pretty complete. I have been doing some serious longevity mods on my daily Suzuki SX4 a few months back and earlier today finished up some brake work (installed 2 brake hoses that connect metal lines from the frame to the rear lines for the rear brakes) and was able to utilize the thread chaser bits to clean up the fasteners for my rear sway bar and the flare nuts that screw into the hoses. Worked out perfect.

Still need to bleed the rear brakes (tomorrow) and the car will be back on the road. Best part is thread chasers remove very little metal from your fastener threads so they last much longer, a must have kit for any DYI person. Recommended buy.


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