Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
I would just like to advise people who are planning on replacing their Oil Pressure Sending Units to not purchase the OEM unit from the dealership. I bought and installed mine last summer. I have currently put on roughly 3000km and my sender juts failed this weekend.....or my car likes running at 80psi all the time. I have heard from other people who have purchased their units from GM that they fail quite quickly. I noticed the sending unit from Part Source has a brass body as opposed to the original units aluminum body. As much as I try to not put stuff from Part Source or Canadian Tire into my car, it has been argued that the brass bodied units are much more robust and less prone to failing than the aluminum ones.
If you get the relocate kit form RSD , you will never have any more worries :D
Ah, I took the poor way out last year in haste and cut the hole in my cowl. Wah, wah, waaaaah. Am I proud of it? Not really. Will it only take me 10 minutes to change out the unit, yes. Should I have done the relocation kit? Probably, but you can't tell from the outside and I took my time to cut a "nice" hole.

If I had a mechanic I could trust or knew, I would have went the relocation kit way, the way I went, I'm wrecking my own car.
mine failed on me last year, I drove it around for a few weeks thin king about my options for changing it, cutting a hole, getting the re-location kit, ended up I stopped by Manny's one day, he changed it in less than half an hour, threw on some SS braided brake lines and a few other bits and pieces while I was there, it's always easier and more convenient to watch him do it!
I can relate rilley but alas I picked mine up from walkers auto . direct replacement and yes it has lasted now for 4 years . Did the hole as well and you cant tell it was even cut .
Walkers Auto? If this one goes, that will be my next place to purchase a sending unit. The thing I don't understand is that everyone who has had this problem, their gauge just stays at 80psi. I could live with that. What I could not live with was the gauge going between 0-80psi and all the dinging. On a drive down 8th street, the most I counted between dings was 7 seconds and both my sending units that have failed have done this.
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