Feb 16, 2013
Oxford Mills, On
1981 C3 / 1988 C4
Just thought I would share with all of you, tomorrow I get to spend the day in the cold in a parking lot. It is the annual Ottawa Safety Council motorcycle rider course instructor refresh. Starting next weekend, we will be back at it, teaching eager individuals how to ride a motorcycle. We seem to always have crappy weather this weekend. Remember, watch for motorcyclists!:coolgleam::seeya:
LOL yeah some spring! ...

Is the bike rider safety course mandatory now for new riders? It should be.

Kudos for being there for these riders -- I'm sure most of them thank you once they've been thru that and on the road fairing for themselves.

Yes everyone should be watching closely for bikers now the summer months have arrived once again.

Stay dry this weekend.....think of all the eager smiling faces you'll see soon trying to impress the instructor.....

Not mandatory, but the insurance savings with the course more than pays for the cost of the training. It is my way of giving back to the community as we are all "volunteers". Yeah, the smiles are a great reward when we tell them that they passed.
good idea, there are a lot of folks on bikes that shouldn't be. we used to do something similar with snowmobiles.

There are a lot of folks in cars that shouldn't be either and I don't even ride a motorcycle. Hats off to you Range for giving back to your fellow riders. Keep warm today.
Great Post. Way to go Range. Nice way to give back!!!
I was an instructor at Humber College for a few years.
Very rewarding experience.
I personally think every rider, new or old, should take this course.
It's truly amazing how much you can learn in one weekend.

As a rider and former instructor, you can see just by watching someone riding down the road, if they have taken a rider course or not.
Allot of older guys & girls that have been riding for decades don't know lane position, push pull steering, braking techniques. just to name a few.

I would like to see these courses become mandatory. I know it saved my life a couple of times.

Ride Safe. :canada:
Well, I am sitting here looking out my window this a.m. in Midland and it is snowing so hard it is a whiteout!!!!!!! What ever happened to spring? I am getting really pi$$ed off and tired of this crap. I want to go driving. Tormorrow here is supposed to be more of the same. A real bummer.
We had a whiteout snow squall for a few minutes this morning then just flurries off and on for the rest of the day. Thankfully, they didn't decide to salt the roads. Around here anymore, if it snows in Hamilton our schools get a snow day and they salt all the roads. Heaven forbid that anyone should have to drive on a road with ANY snow on it. They might actually have to slow down and learn how to to drive. ;)
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