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Jan 11, 2009
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We are had a garage sale last weekend. I was in charge of putting sings in the ground to advertise our event. With how the signs were constructed, holding it up while hammering the stake was tricky. On the first attempt, I tried to join my finger with the top of the stake. Broke a nail and ripped the skin down my finger a quarter of an inch. If anyone is pounding stakes into the ground, I don't recommend using your finger to protect the wood!:rofl:
Haha. You guys are funny! I don't have a framing nail gun, but may have to look into that to keep myself planted. :D

Getting hammered off a nice scotch is a WAY better suggestion! I still have a little Oban calling my name.

As for how I did get hammered, it wasn't quite as bad...well, it was sort of. I didn't crack the whole nail but broke off about an eighth right through the tender stuff. The funny thing is I just thought I hit my finger and ha ha I'm an idiot, no big deal. Then after pounding in the sign, I looked at it and was surprised I was bleeding (and boy did it bleed!) and did all that damage. It was more numb than anything.
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