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Feb 28, 2011
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I'm so sick of this crap ,I bought the car to drive and have a good time .I've reserved a storage unit next to the Orlando airport Oct-April for next winter. I figure I can fly down once or twice a month.Storage $110 per month and a decent hotel room for $50 a night sure beets this never ending snow ,ice ,sleet and cold .
I've done it in the past when the economy was good and things for me are getting better.

I think I have it down pat so the cost is managable .If you or others are seriously intreasted I'll do a post with information.

Winter at times just plain sucks and I'm getting cabin fever bad .
Very Interesting. I've thought of buying a house in Phoenix so it would give me a place to stay during winter breaks. Separate garage, rent it out except for one room. Bingo, instant free storage and place to stay in the winter!

PS, you are right. Winter is not fun for the most part. Common, Peterbilt!
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