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Jan 11, 2009
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Due to the increasing popularity of the Thursday night meets, I believe we will have to cancel them until further notice. I can only suspect that the reason for such popularity can be mostly due to the weather, but then there is the lack of threads specifying who is going to be there and when. Thursdays always seem to suck for weather.

SO, question is, do we keep with the Thursday meets? Do we change the day? Do we make it only once a month? Do we have it one Thursday and one Saturday a month and make it a sure thing so people know for sure that it is going on? Now is the time to change it since nobody is going.

We should decide this as a group. Although the Thursday meets are totally informal and you do not have to show up, it is nice to know there will be people there so when you drive by you know you won't be the only one.

Whatever day we pick and frequency of meeting, I will try to make a new thread each week so we can note if people will show. Even if no one does reply to the thread it is still good to go. Vote in the pole for your desired day of the week.
Sorry. I was in Manitoba again. Ya and the weather hasn't helped. The day doesn't matter much to me except tuesdays are no good for the most part. BTW its hard to vote in a poll when there is no poll.

Thursday are the best for me. Even though I work evening every 2nd week.
Weekends will not work as this is summer is Saskatchewan and trying to get as much out of it! Thursday have been real bad Because of the weather.
But I did stop by last thursday for bit. There, That's my 2 cents.

I am back! I was gone for a little, I will definetely swing by... I was going to do so 2 weeks ago...but the moment I opened the garage door I could hear thunder in the background.... and it rained...of course!
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