Ontario You're a Regular 2 You're 10
Jan 29, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
Let's meet up at Winston Churchill and QEW between 9 and 10am. There is a Petro Canada and Tim Hortons just south of the QEW on Winston Churchill.

We will be stopping at Centennial Parkway so that can be another meeting point for anyone wanting to come out from that area.

I'll be cruising Ridge Road and the Tunnel.

If everyone is ok with this, I'd like to park at the Falls and walk along the falls and thru Clifton Hill. Great picture opportunity. There is a Montana's Steak house just up on Victoria Avenue where we'll have lunch. Let me know if you'd like to partake in lunch so I can book us a table. I expect us to be at lunch around 1PM.

Then we'll cruise Niagara on the Park on the way home.


PS. Feel free to invite guests if you think they'd like to come along for the drive, even with non corvettes, but please don't post on other forums. I've got it posted here, the other forum and on my HDR Facebook page.
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