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Feb 5, 2009
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Hi all , we have just launched a whole new website and we are really looking for input on this new format as well as some proof reading .

Please have a look and let us know what you think .

Any mistake's or glitches please email us @
[email protected]

The link :
Home | Dasilva Motorsports
I like it - well done Manny and team.

Revamping a website is a big job - congrats.

I'm sure you're going through the site doing clean-up and you're aware of this, but the placeholder text (Lorem ipsum dolor...etc) is still visible under Sitewide Activity "test review".
Good morning Manny,

WOW! What an increase of a few magnitudes over the old site. A very impressive piece of work indeed. Most professional in format/layout, slick and polished.

Any merit in adding map of Canada showing where your projects have come from???? Nice to show the country wide appeal of your talents............


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