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Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Well finally after a long wait, since last Dec I had my seat covers come in and they look fantastic.
I cannot say enough about the quality and service from David and Davis at DJMotorsports!
They added in a free set of visor covers and two new foam seat inserts and dual armrest covers, non-padded and padded.
Here are some photos before the install, the whole kit included the shifter, e-brake, door grab handles, main grab handle and piping also.
I will post some photos up when everything is installed in then next few weeks.



Nice color combo,Once all installed it will look great. Here is a pic of my DSVettes console,boots and knobs. Definatly adds a great interior look from OEM Faux leather.



I love the look, can not wait to get mine installed, dam this winter weather and snow!
Where did you get the e-brake handle cover?
At least I can get the seats started and work on the rest in the spring.
Well finally got a chance to install the new covered seats and mount them back in the car again.
I just have to wire in the heated seat cables and mount the control buttons on the center console.
Here are some photos that I took after mounting them back in the car, also still have to install all the interior leather pieces.
Will post up some more photos when everything is done, any small wrinkles should go away when it gets hot and the leather
shrinks a bit, they where very tight to get on.
Thanks my buddy Manny for picking them up for me when I was bogged down. :rofl:




Thanks Riley, I just need some more warm weather like the other week we made it to 18C here so I can install all
the rest of the leather parts will help with putting them on and stretching them. Willl post up more pic when done.
I dont know if that supplier does the C6 yet he was in the process of setting up for them.
The price was $699 US plus I added the C5 headrest logos for $40 and he included the "Not2melo" in the armrest.
If you want the suppier info then shoot me a PM and will give to you to call and see if they are doing the C6's now.
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