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Sep 1, 2010
2007 corvette
New scam out there. I got scammed. I purchased a set of 2009 c6z06 chrome spyders off kijiji in ontario toronto still posted for $1295. The guy has a phone number so i phoned him taked to him about them. So far so good. He then says send me the money through E-transfer through my bank so i do. The bank says its a good safe way to send money. I phoned to ask them about it before i did this. So ok i send the money. Its been 9 days later the guy doesn't answer the phone no more or my texts. I phone my bank now. They say did you trust the guy. I said why should i you said this is a secure way to send money. Well gues what it isn't thanks scotia bank. So now the guy can close this account permanently open a new account somewhere else and do this again. Its getting to the point you cant buy nothing anymore unless its in person.
Or through Manny.

He's been good sending me stuff. It;s one of the reasons I like the small feel here. I do have a certain amount of trust in people selling things on this site.

Sorry to hear about that crappy story. I'd never buy anything from Kijiji unless in person. Guess my reasons are right.
I agree

It's a secure way to send money. No
One ever guaranteed that it was a Good way to get your merchandise. Banks don't have anything to say about that. It isn't their fault. Interestingly...scotia has a policy that u can not send more than $1000 over a 24 hour policy. Has this changed?

Deals that are too good to be true ALWAYS ARE. You don't even have a written contract with the guy or even an email. Still don't understand how the bank is at fault.
Sorry to hear about what happened, that's a significant amount of money.

I always meet the people when I do the transaction. I don't even have the cash on me until I see the product, then I go back to the car to get it.

I almost got scammed two Christmases ago when I tried to buy a Burberry scarf for my wife, it was available from a retail store in Toronto but I was trying to save myself the drive. The web site looked very authentic but once I proceeded to checkout the only way to pay was through a Western Union cash transfer. That raised a red flag so I didn't purchase. Turns out it was a company in China that had set up a phony site and was routinely ripping people off. Just as incredible was I found this info out from a "Burberry forum" ...it's a very interesting world we live in.
Sorry Tayman but what's been said is absolutely true the way I see it.
You've learned a good lesson and as Wayne said "it's a significant amount of $$" but may have been much more in a different scenario.

Caveat Emptor -- seller too for that matter.

Don't lose any sleep over it just chalk it up. That's all you can do now and next time you do what seems to be a good transaction, log in and run it by some peeps......you just might find some pearls of wisdom (some of whom have been burned too).

We're small but we have some experience.

Best of luck -- and thanks for the warning.

That sucks, too bad the payment wasn't with a cheque so you would at least have an address on where to send it. If the ad is still up, get a new email address and reply pretending to be someone else then offer to send a cheque so you can get their address and stuff. Maybe that would work?

You should report the post to Kijiji.
Guys this guy was legit after all. I feel like a dousche now. I even went to the cops about him and the cops said i was scammed. The guy replied today to me after a week of trying to get a hold of him. He said candad post was at your door today with the slip. I checked he was right. So in a way did i jump the gun guys. Also he never took the add off either.
Got your wheels? Now start posting some pics of your car!

Right on Riley --- help rendered, lessons learned even a good outcome.

Back to business........

Let's see the hardware.

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