Nov 2, 2010
Huntsville Ontario
1996 lt4
I'm looking for anyone that could help me with info on this car or the lt4 engine , decoding the vin ?? 1g1yy2253t5113327 it's my first vette and would love to figure out all I can about this car and this generation :canada:
Also lt4 are they as good as I'm being told ???
Regards Steve
LT4 was a nice mill...rare too as they only used it for one year, basicly a upgraded LT1 that breathes way better. Look on the underside of your centre console lid, there should be a option code list there, write them down and there is a good site for decoding all the option codes, you have to search as i cant remember which it is.
rode in one once years ago... great engine... very rare as corsvette noted but not "unreliable" rare :D

More importantly... what are YOUR impressions of the engine? What is the mileage on the car? PICS!!
thanks for your response so far my impression of the lt4 is one huge grin but sad part is I've only test driven it so no extreme driving as the last owner was with me... It's been in my possession for 48hrs now and isn't plated now so I'm sure hoping for a fast no snow winter this is going to be he'll waiting for spring !!! I'll get some pics on here if I can do that from my iPhone ?? Car is very clean heated garage kept, engine bay looks show room condition completly stock other than zr1 rims and after market exhaust last owner kept original rims and tires also exhaust, 87 thousand km on car and engine...
Cheers Steve
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