CCF V2 New Features Alert


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Jan 11, 2009
Toronto, Canada
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Never ending this job.

For next week we have the following new features planned if all goes well:

1. Covers like on the old site ability to create your own profile cover as well as a thread cover (kind of like Facebook banners)
2. More improvements across the board to address every bug I'm aware of currently.
3. New Minimal theme - if you don't like the standard forum layout we will be enabling a theme switcher so you can go to something a lot more streamlined for conversing (think of it as a perpetual What's New stream) with shortcuts to allow you to respond quickly. This is a big change. It will not impact anyone unless you manually switch to it but more on this later. As always you will have the ability to switch back and forth and settle on a look you prefer with CCF.