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Dec 16, 2012
2002 Z06
Just finished up Roberts 08 LS3 A6 Supercharged C6. This is a blown Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger. Car had the blower and headers installed from last season-run 9 is the run before the cam upgrade. Robert wanted a cam that had a lope but still drove nice. So I took my now famous "Jam Cam"-lol, and tweaked it for better driveability without hopefully any loss in power. I think we nailed it-were gonna call this the new DMS Heartbeat cam. Run 16 is the cam run-we lost 1 psi of boost but gained over 67 rwhp cam only! Best of all-it lost nothing anywhere on the graph. Next we added the Alky Control meth kit-we only added 1 degree of timing and IAT temps dropped 20 degrees-we gained another 27 rwhp! That's a total gain of almost 95 rwhp!!!!I'm sure I could of found another 5 more rwhp but we like to keep it safe and sound. This will keep the new C7 Z06's in the rear view mirror for sure.

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