Kinda cool looking. Don't think it would be mid engine though. The development costs for such a small market would be very high. A Cadillac C7?
Interesting as that post is from 2010. Haven't heard any updates but I wouldn't be surprised if Cadillac had a Hi-pow car based on the Corvette to do a little platform sharing and make the Corvette a little more affordable to make. Similar to the XLR mentioned. I thought the XLR's were nice. I didn't realize they were such a flop.
I test drove an XLR before driving a vette. Nice drive, great looks and cool hard top convertible but the interior still felt old personish. I know, look who's talking but it was a no brainier to go with the vette as it just felt " more fun, more now".
I like this Caddy more than the new C7...and reminds me a bit of the concept C7 from Transformers 2 movie....I'd buy this ..beautiful!
well at least it might have a nice interior! (insert stir the pot icon here)

Oh I agree with ya ... the interior in my 2011 C6 is so cheap looking it's embarrassing ! If I take friends out for a ride in my car I try to do it at night so they don't notice the crap interior ! ! :(
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