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Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Well scored a set of Baer Eradi Speed two piece rotors from fleebay the other
day should be here early next week. The front are Plus (12.75") and the rear are the
Plus 2 version (14"). Also picked up a set of EBC Redstuff brake pads from Fleebay
they are the Kevlar version with embedded ceramic for ultra low dust 60-90%
less then traditional pads. Adding a set of TPS stainless lines that I picked up off
a US dealer for $100 shipped. Looking forward to the new stopping power of the
Baer Eradispeed rotors have heard nothing but good things about them. :D

Will post up some photos soon of the install when Manny gets everything done.

Baer Eradispeed Rotors & Adaptor.

EBC Redstuff Kevlar Pads.

TPS Stainless Brake Lines.
Oh man , more work ,,,,,,,,,,damit I never going to get to drive my car :rofl:

JK buddy , let me when you want do it and I'll squeeze you in somewhere :D
Oh man , more work ,,,,,,,,,,damit I never going to get to drive my car :rofl:

JK buddy , let me when you want do it and I'll squeeze you in somewhere :D

Sure no problem how about Sunday :eek:.......hahahaha
We are never doing any more work on the car on those
special days I heard enough the last time :nono:

Yes I have to go out again for a drive in the new Stroked
Nasty1 since its been modified.
Finally got over to see Manny and Rob today, with the weather being very
crappy outside was a good day to do some more work on the vette.
Had the Baer Eradispeed rotor, EBC redstuff pads and Stainless lines thrown
on today. The car has lots of stopping power now, hope these EBC Kevlar pads
live up to their ultra low dust reputation. Thanks Manny and Rob :rofl:

Was raining like hell outside got a chance to take a few quick shots between downpours!

Fronts, Eradispeed Plus.

Rears, Eradispeed Plus 2.

Rotors fill in the rims now.
Yup....really good investment you did on those rotors and pads....give us some news on that stopping power when you get a chance , cause i always wondered if it made that much of a difference...:D
I will let you know, its been raining here almost everyday so cannot really
try them out till its a bit less wet outside. In general driving the pads do
seem to make a difference over the stock ones, they claim to have shorter
stopping distances.
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