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Apr 23, 2012
Well, the original battery in my C6 is finally needing to be replaced. Any recommendations? Was looking at Motomaster from Canadian Tire, but thought I should throw this question out there first.

Are there batteries that I should just avoid that are still recommended for my car?
Vince, My recommendation would be a Red Top Optima. Have one in my car and I've managed to kill that sucker twice, I mean totaly dead (left the radar detector on) and it's recovered and still going strong!!! You pay a little more, but they're definitely bullet proof!!!!
Optima is a good choice Vince -- It's a few more $$ but worth it in longevity, and durability (IMHO)

That's pretty damned good service for an original 05/06 battery. You looked after it well.

Vote #3 for Optima.
I really would not recommend a Canadian Tire battery, my grandpa went through a few of them years back and I just don't trust them.
The only other battery brand I've had a lot of very good experience with is AC Delco but I'm sure there are other good brands out there.
Ok, I will go against the train of thought here. I would not buy a sealed product and in fact I did not when mine needed to be replaced. Yes there have been issues with flooded lead acid batteries and case leakage (GM Delco batteries) in the past but overall they hold up much better than absorbed glass mat or other "sealed" technologies. There are probably more sealed marine lead acid batteries at the bottom of your lake than flooded product.

Buy a good one. Look for, if I my suggest, a brand from East Penn Manufacturing, they brand name for a number of companies. The product is made in Pennsylvania, a family run business. Distributed in Canada by East Penn Canada (Power Battery Sales).

Flooded product will take more abuse that our particular cars give a battery with discharges and re charging.

For The Look

I get the GM employee discount on Delco batteries and I do like the look of a GM battery in a GM car. I generally get 7-9 years out of batteries. In the last few years I have started to use battery maintainers on our winter stored cars. There are only a few companies making car batteries and you probably get what you pay for but I wouldn`t bet the bank on that either. Johnson Controls come to mind. Here is a little info on Optima batteries.
I went with the AC Delco--thanks for all your input! Cost was simlar with other nicer batteries. I also like having an OEM product for this specific piece--which is funny because there's not much really stock on my car for anything else.....haha.

Now I need to get a starter. I don't know if it's a job I can do myself or not..............
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