Jul 21, 2012
Clinton Ontario Canada
I am looking for photos from Anderson Village Vettefest 4 ....
I am looking for any photos.. (bigger,closer, different angles of the 2000 Roadster that was all "lettered up"... The lady in enclosed photo, bought the car during that month!! Ownership says June 28-06....Can you help?? Lady was/is member of Nigara Corvette club.... thanks Carl


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Still looking for history

I found another photo, of my car at the 4th Anderson Vette Fest... found on Stoney Creek Corvette site.... photo by Buck... car was bought there,(Andersons) the same time as show... owner Ellie Deane (lives with Jim Marr?) was last owner... have to be more photos out there....


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In my photobucket account, tags aren't necessary. They're nice if you want them but not necessary.

I resize the pics to upload to photobucket. As far as I know if the upload is too big, photobucket may or may not accept them. I resize to about 100k bites b4 uploading. This coincides with this forum's requirement to not exceed 100k bytes.

After uploading, I save to the album, which you should end up at automatically at which time run the cursor over the pic to show a menu -- the bottom choice of which is 'IMAGE CODE' which I scroll to carefully and left click to COPY. (it will tell you momentarily that its copied) -- see pic.


After that it's an easy process to transfer to a thread to PASTE it to here.
THANK YOU............KEY was the "image code" ---- thank you! thank you!

took me 8 years to copy and paste :eek:

with your help.... 1 day to move from photobucket...:D:D:D:D:D
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The car is great.. The lady was/is great Just wondering about the Decals ..this photo was on the Stoney Creek Corvette site Wonder if any Corvette of Western Ontario fellows have any more photos Car was built in Dec 1999 sold in fall of 2000 out of Waterloo
Just a couple of more pointers on Photobucket.

1. No need to resize before downloading to Photobucket. It does it for you to the correct size for this forum.
2. You cqn use the "bulk uploader" to upload many photos and speed up the process. Works great!
3. No need to right click on the "IMG Code" to copy and paste. Just hover over the code and click on it. It will say "copied". Then just right click and paste it into this forum.

Pardon me. Now photobucket resizes automatically. I believe a recent change.
I'm so used to resizing, I do it automatically for myself.

I've only used bulk uploader.

Never been there

I have NEVER been to a Corvette event :( I started the thread.... asking if anyone had seen MY car? :canada: My car, apparantly, has been to hundreds of events with the past owner Ellie Deane of Niagara Corvette club... Seems my car is not memorable lol

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