Jun 8, 2012
Edmonton AB
No Corvette :(
OK, all chained up and ready to take on the snow!


Paul, when is the next Rocky Mountain cruise???




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Just waiting for my 4x4 corvette kit then we are good to go!

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Now! That's a Canadian Corvetter!!!!
Good on ya Brian.


Friends want me to back my car out on my driveway and put the chains ( ok, only did one side ) and take a picture to photoshop into another.... NA.... thought my daily driver is parked right behind and the driveway is dry under it as this is the first snow that is staying.

had to have fun!!! and was very careful installing them! :)

Those chains are 25+ years old.... my father was taking my brother and I skiing to Lake Tahoe and we had to buy these to get through one pass in California ) that was actually a hill

The Trooper said you guys could probably get through this ( being from Canada ) but the law is I can't let anyone by unless they are chained up ( had a car )

We laughed as we drove through it.. was about 1-2" of slushy snow... not even icy.

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Haha Brian. A buddy of mine was on the island heading up to Duncan and beyond a couple of years ago when they got hit with a heavy snow. He said it was funny as people just aren't used to it there so was all sorts of accidents etc. He just drove for the conditions and didn't think twice.
I met a fellow who lives north of the Victoria airport. A few years ago, he looked out one winter morning and thought someone had stolen his car. On a second look he realized that the car was buried in show. They Victoria area was shut down for a few days digging out from that one. I recall him saying that a pineapple express met a cold front from the north and dumped right there on the city about three feet of wet snow. Glad I wasn't there for that one. I have a sister and nephew who live with their families in Victoria.
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