getting ready for some track action


at Shannonville
drag racing at TPM


302ci, alum ported heads, trick flow intakes, E303, nitrous. 280rwhp/310rwtq n/a, 365rwhp/455rwtq nitrous

some poor viper
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one of n/a runs, not the best run by far but the only one i got a video of. enjoy.

car ran
12.8@106mph n/a, 12.0@117mph nitrous

p.s. I would have said WICKED ride but I can only go so far with anything that has a blue oval on it :)
i started drag racing and after couple of years i got big brakes and changed suspension over and started road racing, so the pics are from over few years i had it. that car did it all, drag racing, road racing, daily driver, even tried to drive this in winter ( not a good idea ). car had every single bolt on possible, suspension, engine, everything was modified in one way or another. lots of time, money and tears.

thanks for your comments !

- Kons
I saw "old" and I was expecting a different car. Nice car though. I don't care for mustangs (could you figure) but I can respect people that do. Keep havin fun at the tracks.

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