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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good afternoon to you all!

No, I'm not ready to write up my volumes just yet but wanted to start with two fast comments:

1)I arrived back home to unload the car and found a bolt head on the front of the trailer deck - ????? It turns out that one of the 6 lag screws holding the windjammer down broke off completly and another one was starting to pull through its hole! I'll have to remove it, use a screw extractor to remove the stumb and remove the remaining 5 and place a flat washer under the bolt for a more secure hold. Imagine this thing coming off while you're driving the road??!! I wonder Brian, could Mr. Dent fix that sort of damage??!!

As I've been often to say, the Greeks had an expression "The Gods look after the fools". Case and point!!

2)The video of the road trip. I'm just watching it now. Due to a previous situation I'm not going to make it public right away, I'd like someone oh say like Riley to look at it first and to give it a "vetting" (yes this is the proper and correct word!!!!!!) beforehand. As it contains other peoples cars, licence plates etc. I want to make sure it is good to go and not going to possibly get anyone in trouble. We were actually pretty well behaved but I do want to be careful...............

I should have used the other camera mount as well, I cuold have solved the angle problem and also had a more forward looking view and less A-piller. Things I'll be remembering for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I don't fix trailers..... I don't fix Corvettes either, they don't dent!

Well, good your home safe ( sorta )

I would have brought my camera's if I knew we would be cruising, I thought it was just a hangout in the parking lot... and I was only there for 2 hours due to other commitments.... the wedding was good ( speeches were a bit too long ) .

Hi Brian,

I just can't imagine this windjammer flying off, probably turning my car into a topless version and more so what could have happened if it would have struck someone else's vehicle!! Again I think I really dodged a bullet on this one. I'm thinking that if I am able I might replace the lag screws with proper bolts and that should take car of things. maybe even drill another hole or two and add more for security.........

Glad you made it to the wedding in time! It's the sort of situation where if the wedding is 1/4 mile from you place and you only have say 12.3 seconds you can make it or if it is 205 miles away you could be there in an hour!!

I've watched the video (only 5% loaded right now on YouTube) and while not the best job it certainly conveys the feeling of what it was like to be on the drive, for me anyway. And the cars sound AWESOME!


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Good morning BH76,

My morning plan, a nice walk before it gets too darn hot, my eggie, tackle the windjammer with proper bolts and washers and then to get my mower and see if i can beat down my grass before the neighbours start to eye it for hay!

Oddly over the night I really thought about how close I had come to an outright disaster. Sure the Z06 would have had some damaged bodywork and maybe the front windshield but what about this flying piece of steel hitting another vehicle and killign someone? Too close for comfort this time............I'm lucky that the broken lag screw head was lying on the trailer deck as a clue...........

The group drive along is now 82% loaded, you gotta love satelite internet speeds!


Good morning BH 76,

I replaced the cap screws with proper 3/8' by 2 1/2" bolts with lockwashers and flatwashers. I might, down the road, have to replace the bottom flatwashers which are against the bottom of the planking with some larger sized pieces of flatiron as of course they get pulled into the wood when I tighten then but I am happy with the state they are in right now. Still I am haunted by how close I came to an outright disaster.........

As usual, 4th time in two weeks CN fails to deliver cars. So no loading grain in 30 degrees for me. Either tomorrow when the wind will be at 50 km/hr or Thursday with 60% chance of showers - any takers???!!!

So OK - the trip to Ponoka!

I loaded the car on the night of the 3rd and it was a lot more complicated than I had remembered. As well it was at this time that I noticed how damaged my front valence/spoiler was from being bottomed out frequently. So I decided to try to do a bit of repair work to get it in a more secure state. I discovered that the very center speed nut clip was completely broken off and so I couldn't do anything witht hat one but the other 4 on either side I was able to put back in place and to screw it back on. but something that will need replacement down the road.

I thought alot about the reasons and merit in hauling the car on a trailer as opposed to driving it. On the plus side fewer km's on the car and no road damage and considering that I would be encountering road construction between Nampa and Donnelly Corner it proved to be a wise choice. On the negative side the towing truck burns a lot (A LOT!) of gas compared to the car. However this was why I had bought the trailer I did, with the thought of using it to haul the car.

I was surprised that the loading procedure this time (compared to my Fort St. John trip) turned out to be so much more difficult. Or maybe just that I was being more attentive in the loading process and checking how things were going more often.

Friday morning I started out around 8, stopped for fuel, checked the straps and all seemed fine.

Dad just called, CN has actually brought the cars (finally) so I'll have to continue this later..........
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Where did you park the trailer?

Your neck of the woods is underrated for its natural beauty. Nama has a gorgeous hidden gem gol course, and the whole peace river area is awesome.

Ever had a chance to explore the hilltop auto wrecker? I've always wanted to rummage through there......
Good morning,

Well cars loaded and it was MISERABLE! Nothing worse than swirling and gusting winds 50 to 60 km/hr. I'm not sure where there was more grain/dust/chaff - in the rail car, in my clothes or in my eyes! But I am glad it is done. It showered very lightly here this morning (bring it on as it will be 32 on the weekend) and it is breezy but nothing like yesterday. Even the inside of my house is down from 27 to 20 right now and I had to don a sweater.......onwards.............

So the trip started out fine. There is a stretch of construction between Nampa and Donnelly Corner and it made me glad that I trailered the car. Not only the oiling that they had to do but also the bumps where they had started and stopped the removal of the old pavement. It was a sharp enough drop at times for the truck that I can't imagine how the front of the Z06 would have faired.

I remember one women that was working as a flag person and the perfect "o" her mouth formed when I drove by and she saw the car on the trailer. I hate to say it but I just never get tired of people's reactions like that.

I kept my speed down to about 90 km/hr and actually sort of enjoyed the trip. To be sure I thought about how much nicer it would have been in the Z06 but then I also thought about all the fewer km's too.

South of Valleyview I was passed by a black or dark grey C6 427 convertable. I saw him coming up in my rear view mirror so I rolled my window down to give him a thumbs up as he was passing and he also waved. A good omen I thought.

So I arrived in Edmonton without any problems or issues about 2:15, checked into my hotel and then unloaded the car. I left the trailer at my hotel since I had it booked for two nights and I knew I would be back Saturday night. This was actually the same hotel that I stayed at when I was hauling the car to have it shipped by train to Manny back in Nov 2012.

On the way in I met a C6 Velocity Yellow convertable and it made me wonder if it might the Dick's car that he just sold!!

I then wanted to do a spot of shopping since I was hoping to meet up with Brian who had been so generous to offer me the use of space in his shop and cleaning supplies to get the car spruced up before the Saturday drive to Ponoka. You know you're dealing with the right sort of Corvette owner when someone you've never met before in person makes you this offer!

The car drove well in town. I always find it a bit hotter than I would like, that day of close to 30 above it was actually in the 210 to 215 range. Subsequently I've discovered that this is actually normal.........

So I went from store to store and the next thing I knew it was 5:50 and I was suppose to meet Brian at 6! So I gave him a call but couldn't get through. I was starting to feel tired from the heat so I went back to my hotel, got into some exercising gear and went for a walk.

The next morning, up at about 5:15 and with no internet out the hotel door at 5:45. five steps outside and I came to a dead stop. Grey, overcast, windy and cold! So I was lucky enough I had picked up a nice MEC sweater the previous day so I threw it on and back out I went for a nice run.

I knew where I was suppose to meet Brian but unsure of what traffic would be like etc. I left a bit early and arrived at the designated location at 7:45, for the 8:10 appointment. Again I just did more walking to pass the time. A red C5 drove past this spot going south and got me hoping he might be on his way to Ponoka too!

Promptly at 8:10 Brian showed up and what a fine looking ZR1! And so clean too! I looked at my bug encusted front end and thought wow the CCF members might seize my car for failing to look after it better! So we chatted for a bit and then got on our way. It was a nice drive, a few spirited moments and some poor guy in a Chellenger that rode my bumper for about 40 or 50 km it seemed but I behaved myself until we took the off ramp. Oh ya some guy in a pickup passed me and there was a little boy in the back seat with his face pressed against the window looking at the car so I sped up a bit and then when I was beside him gave it a brief WOT moment. Big smiles from that little guy!

The hotel for the meet was well chosen, right on the way into town and on the right side. I saw one car right away and then at the back end were a few more. So Brian and I backed into position and got out and started to socialize. It was so nice to meet people that I had only known through the forum. That for me was the real purpose of this trip. Of course super nice cars, C4's, C5's and C6's! And HURRAY the predominant colour was YELLOW too! 3 cars in total!

Hugs all around with EVERYONE, guys too - take note here CCO!!!!! What can I say I'm just a hugger...........

So we talked, looked at each other's cars, yes I showed my filthy engine.

Around this time Riley, Vince and his dad Earl arrived along with a SC'ed Mustang. Heck I suppose we're all just car nuts, some just with better taste than others eh?!

Lots of pictures, changed into my CCF attire that Steamer made up for us two years ago - I was the only one so decked out - what happened here Riley??!!

Broke out my folding chair and we sat, talked, oogled and even the weather has improved to be a nice sunny day. I threw my sweater on the chair at one point.

Then it was car cruise time!!!! Oh how I love do do this, well only having done it with the Mud Street Club in Ontario. But I mean what could ever be greater than a bunch of Corvettes going down the road together??

And we actually did behave ourselves too. Sure a few moments of exhaust noise but I mean no burnouts or stoplight races or anything like that. We have to set the example of how to get together and to act responsible.

A nice town, Ponoka, people waving and smiling.

As well I forgot to mention that it was an enhanced day by the three lovely ladys who were also in attendance. I mean how much "eye candy" can a fellow take?!

What I really found interesting was in talking with the CCF members and getting to know them better. I came away in the end with a deep appreciation for what a really varied group we all are. Age, career, interests, a group with a real lot of depth and who under different circumstances would have made me so happy to have as neighbours.

We ended up parking at a car wash so Vince could clean, well his already clean car! To my eye anyway but then again it might have to be a car from a mud bog that I would consider to be warrented enough to be in need a wash!

(Ah it is raining again here - I LOVE the sound of rain on a growing crop!)

Upon arriving at the car wash I started to rummage through my car and realized, where is my sweater?? My sweater with my WALLET and CELL PHONE!! Insert a real sinking feeling here. Fortunately Ponoka is not such a large car and I was only about 3 or 4 blocks from the hotel so off I zipped, heart pounding and preparing for the wosrt. Getting closer and craining my neck to see what I could folding chair and the sweater - and upon grabbing the sweater the weight of items in the pockets and all was well. But the thought that I let my excitement get the better of me and I dodged a potential wreck.

I had nice talks with everyone. Even Bill(??) the Mustang owner. An interesting car really and sure sounds like a powerhouse. The only car I've seen with a place in the engine compartment where he keeps a can of belt dressing for his SC if he ever needs to go racing - apparently he can't keep it tight enough to run it at full boost otherwise! Dick was nice to meet. In between Corvettes since he'd just sold his C6 but looking forweard to getting probably a C7 for next year (fingers crossed and I hope it will be yellow again too!). It was funny that Dick lived in my neck of the woods for like 20 years and I've met his daughter through her work without realizing of course there would be a connection. Riley, well putting a face to our fearless moderator was great, especially that he was able to attend where after his wife took sick it appeared he'd have to miss this one. Mrs. Riley is obviously a real gem there! Vince and his dad were just great. It was funny that Earl took up kart racing when he was over 60 and as I've been thinking about this for my son (and maybe me too) he was not only every encourging about this as an activity for us but also gave me a lot of information about karts, racing and buying them - thanks Earl!

As with all good things it had to come to an end so we started to part ways and I also made my way back to Edmonton. Thankfully at the same time so in the company of Riley, Vince and Earl. So we had a three car Corvette convoy and it was the best way ever to end the day.

Back in Edmonton I did a bit more shopping. Spotted a few more Corvettes, GTR's (including oddly two that were parked at my hotel parking lot), a few Porshe's and three Audi R8's (not sure if they were V8's or V10's). Can't say I've ever been a fan of the R8, Ilooked at some closely at "Race the Base" at Cold Lake in 2012 but they just don't look right to me. Oddly even in the great weather we had nothing Italian. Did see a baby blue Aston Martin, not sure what model, DB9 or DBS or something - just overpriced and overweight!!

So a bit more shopping and then back to rest.

Sunday morning I was up early, loaded the car and was on my way home by 7:45. No problems with the trip back.

In the end I was happy I took the trailer, sure it would have been more comfortable and I would have burned less fuel in the Z06 but no road scuffs and 1000 fewer km's.

Oddly both on the Fort St John trip and this trip I found myself always looking at the windjammer at the front of the trailer and wondering what would happen to the Z06 if it ever flew off...........well when I came home and went to unload the car, one of the 6 screws holding it in place had broken and two others were loose!!!! So it could have been a badly dinged up car but the possibility of this thing flying through the air and hitting another vehicle and hurting or killing someone? Wow, my heart just about stopped. The next morning I replaced the 4 of 6 screws with bolts but it is something I'll be keeping an eye on.

My final comment - this was a total blast! If you heaven't done a car rally yet and have the chance to do so it will probably be a great experience. It is wonderful to get to meet so many terrific people and to share the love we have for this car.


Gary, thanks for the great story. I was actually thinking of sneaking in on this gathering but just couldn't pull it off. Would have made a great road trip from comox through the mountains but, it was not to be. Sounds like you made a lot of friends with a great group of people and maybe next time I'll try again!!
Good afternoon Steamer, Riley,

Yes that would have been quite a shock if you had shown up out of the blue like that.

Thanks Riley, I'll post it to public view now for all to enjoy. Best A-pillar video clip ever! Here is the link, make sure your sound is on!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Don,

Considering I never had a password on it to start with that is odd! It indicates that it is publicly viewable so I'm not sure what the heck is going on with this..........

I'll see about getting my gf to look at it and how she makes out.


I get a menu in the middle of the video. Don't know why. The menu doesn't work and seems to be embedded in the video.

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