Jul 8, 2012
1997 C5
Yep, lost my "wave" viginity today :rofl:, I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys about my first wave/return wave interaction.

I don't normally run into too many other vette's on my drives around town (North 'burbs of Toronto) when I do usually they're just parked at malls with the driver nowhere in sight.

I do recall passing by 1 vette in motion in the 2 months I've owned my vette, unfortunately, I was not fast enough to throw out my wave before we passed. But today, on my way home from work, I took a different route and ran into a red c5 (i believe it was a vert, it all happened so fast! lol). I threw out my wave and got a wave back! How exciting, my first wave!

I was traveling eastbound on Steeles Ave and the red c5 approaching westbound on Steeles, right around Kennedy Ave, if you are the owner of said c5 and on this forum reading this, thanks for being "my first"! :seeya:
Waved at a beautiful yellow C6 convertible tonight on my way to a cruise night in Sauble Beach and got a wave at the same time. :seeya:
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