Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
74 cuda'

Sweet ride there Doug. My 17 year old son wants one; still a cool ride after all these years. Love those E bodies.
i really like the e bodies as well, especially the cuda', such a clean style. i ordered the car in the fall of 73, couldn't afford a vette then. i'll always remember the price - 4200 tax and license in !!! in 74, the last year of the e body, only 1191 of the 360 cuda's like mine were produced. although you can't tell from the faded photo my car was petty blue with white interior, black carpet, dash and console. it really stood out. white was not the wisest interior choice for someone in the printing trade !!! :D funny how things come full circle, now i can afford a c3 but would'nt be able to swing a cuda !!! doug.
Also had white in my '68 -- medium lime green exterior -- White inside was a bear to keep clean...

Lots of hair back then too - :D
Amazing how much things change -- especially the colour. :D
It wasn't my first car but I had a '66 SD396 Beaumont, with the white interior. A bottle of Spray Nine came with the car. The previous owner said that this was the only thing that kept the seats white. Even when the seats looked clean it would take more dirt off. A friend has a '69 SS396 Chevelle, blue with the white interior. That was always my favourite colour scheme.
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i remember back around 72 or 73 a co-worker who always drove uninsured beaters come flying into our icy parking lot. we all watched in horror as he wiped out the side of an aar cuda' owned by a guy in a neighbouring shop. :eek: it had to be one of the finest examples of sheer stupidity i have ever seen. we could all foresee what was going to happen as soon as this clown pulled in from the main street.
nice pics a flashback to a simpler time

for sure. back then more than likely if someone screws up they stand up and admit ----- nowadays they run and hide.

Some years ago some guy ran into the back of my Contour at a light. While I'm pulling off to the side to unblock traffic he decides to just leave!
Left me with a bill for a new rear bumper ($1000) and very sour taste in my mouth.:mad:

Next time to hell with traffic. I'm out of the car getting names, numbers, and witnesses PDQ.

Yes, times have changed.

yes boys, when you look at the old pictures it conjures up a lot of things. you get to thinking about the differences from then to now. what were you doing for a living ? do you still see the people in the pictures ? if not, what happened to them ? can you remember what a typical day in your life was like ? things that didn't seem funny then, do now, like how it was a big deal if you got a colour t.v. or a cassette deck for your car !!!! :D
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