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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good afternoon everyone,

Some of you may recall some of my previous posts as I discussed or mentioned two events.
1)the encoutner with the C6 Z06 owner and his car on Main Street in Peace River last summer when he didn't take the time to chat with the other C6 Z06 that was parked right beside him.
2)seeing on several occasions a grey C6 with an attractive blond woman driver in Grimshaw, the town closest to where I live and thinking that it must be a local car.

Well 2013 has been a much better year. Meeting Paul the C6 Z51 owner in the WalMart parking lot maybe 3 weeks ago and have probably what amounted to a 30 to 45 mintue conversation is exactly what I hoped to experience.

This spring I had seen the grey C6 Z51 in Grimshaw a few more times and finally spotted it two or three times parked in front a a furnature store in Grimshaw and came to the conclusion that the owner must work there.

So I was on my way back from a run on the dike in PR when I finally told myself, you have the time to kill, go and see if the grey C6 Z51 is parked at the furnature store today and if it is go in and introduce yourself to the owner.

So lo and behold, said car was in the parking lot at the furnature store. SO I parked beside it, confirmed that it was a Z51 and not any of the other 3 models and then went inside. The store was quite with just one couple looing at furnature and one woman who was helping them. So I waited for a bit and then when the woman asked me if she could help me I asked her who owned the Z51 outside. Insert blanklook on face. The grey car I said. Oh, she told me, "It's mine".

So we started to talk about Corvettes a bit and the story came out. It is a 2010 C6 Z51. She bought it from the local dealer and it was owned by a........farmer who lived north of Peace River who traded it in on a newer one!

What is it with farmers and Corvettes now I'm starting to wonder!

Her name is Nicole and honestly this woman is very attractive, I wasn't mistaken when I had see her driving by last summer in the car.

Funnier yet her husband and a partner of his used to own Great Northern Grain, a grain buying company in Nampa. Why is this part of the story? Because I had a good canola crop back in 2011 I think is was but the moisture content was very high and I was in danger of losing the grain. There were a lot of farmers with high moisture content grain that year and no one was buying it. And as snow was falling I really didn't want to have to go through the process of drying it on the farm. I would take the discount on it from a buyer just to be rid of it and to not have to worry about it spoiling and losing it all. Mom was able to get Great Northern Grain to buy my canola. The crop as good enough that this is how I generated the available income to buy the C6 Z06 in April 2012!! Almost like coming full circle, isn't it??!!

Nicole's husband has sold his share in the business and it has been subsequently sold to Pioneer and I don't remember what she told me her husband does now. He drives a M5 BMW, a white one and oddly I followed it home a few days ago, I was trailing him as he was picking up speed but that was the day that I thought I had the oil level issue if you have read that post and I let him go.

Nicole knows a lot of other Corvette owners locally. But I don't think she is a owner who is interested in moding or anything like that. I told her about the autocrossing though and she seemed to find that interesting.

I have told myself that I need to be bringing my camera with me more often. This was one of those moments. I am thinking about going back maybe in a week or two to ask her if she would have her picture taken with me and the two cars but I don't want her to think I'm some sort of stalker either! I'll see if she'll endulge me though.

Anyway I thought this was a nice, funny and interesting story and just wanted to share it with you folks.................


Awesome! That is a great story Garry! Very nice to meet nice Corvette owners.... and speaking of Corvettes, I'm not sure where they all went in Saskatoon but I don't see too many around now-a-days....maybe the Mustangs are scaring them. :D

Looking forward to see the pic of you and Nicole with your cars!
Good afternoon Riley,

A few Corvettes around here but jags of Challengers/Mustangs by comparison up here.

Assuming that she doesn't think I'm some sort of wingnut/wacko-job anyway if I show up with camera in hand. I mean with a guy it would be different but with a woman, well they can sometimes be a bit different in their outlook about this sort of thing, especially when it comes to internet posting. That is why I thought I'd wait for a week or two so that I don't decent on her again like tonight or tomorrow!

But it is odd or so it seems to me that without fail I'd say it is pretty well 100% of the people I've met on this forum and Corvette owners drivers are "mature" of age gentlemen........

Of course in my fantasy world as we were walking out to the store parking lot was that she was going to pop the hood on her Z51 and show me a fully forged SC'ed engine!! Now I'd probably have come home and returned with my camera "toute suite" for that encounter! Nicole was certainly genial enough and we talked for a bit about the cars and then she excused herself to return to work - totally understandable too.

But if she's OK with the car/driver photo it would be nice to be able to show that women also like to own and drive these cars too.


Get her on the forum!.....however, I'm not saying Nicole is one of them but in my experience, most women I know that have nice cars tend to want to drive them and not talk about them or if they do talk about them it's in a general sense and talking specifics with a bunch of guys is not their idea of having fun! I don't meant this to be rude. Just an observation I have seen over the years....also, only having two women on this forum over the years does not lend to others wanting to join! :rofl:

Therefore, I rephrase my comment to more of a question. Ask her if she wants to be part of the forum! The good news is she'll probably get a lot of attention. The bad news is she'll probably get a lot of attention. :D
hey gary, in spearfish there was somewhere around 300-400 vettes running around for the weekend. very few were modded performance wise. maybe 5 or 6. but 2 of them were callaway display vettes.yours would have been a good addition. as well you probably would have enjoyed the autocross and the drag racing. 1/8 mile.
Now that sounds like it would have been a weekend to have travelled!

Yes Riley, I've thought about telling her about the site/forum. I still have to try to get a picture of her with our cars if she's game. Not all women are like Mrs. Riley lets remember!

Upcoming autocross this Sunday, weather looking promising. Just have to get the clutch or break return spring replaced on the car and see if I can find the problem with the "Service Active Handling System" light. I found this an interesting possibility:

2005-2008: Service Bulletin: Stabilitrak/Active Handling Light On, Service Stabilitrak/Active Handling Message on DIC

Stabilitrak/Active Handling Light On, Service Stabilitrak/Active Handling Message on DIC, DTC C0710 Steering Wheel Position Sensor (SWPS) Signal Set (Install Clip in SWPS Connector) #06-02-35-002B - (10/19/2007)

2004-2008 Cadillac XLR
2005-2008 Chevrolet Corvette with Steering Wheel - Tilt, Telescoping (RPO N37 or N38)

Some customers may comment on a Stabilitrak
Good morning Graham,

I was actually planning on going to the Dawson Creek Autocross Car Club event on the 4th if the weather stays good. If Prince Geroge was closer I think I would take that event and if I was still with my old gf as she was from there it would have been a chance to tie in two reasons to go but not any more. But it sure sounds like a good weekend! What are the slalom course like? Where are the events held? Parking lot? Airport? Actual race course??


Garry........... The PG event will have drag racing at the strip Saturday afternoon after the rallye.
The Sunday double slalom event will be held at the P.G. Airport.. 10 acres of tarmac! A very fast, open course.
I believe you entered the Dawson Creek slalom last year. Isn't that what really started all this insanity??
I posted info on the 604/250/778 part of this forum.

have fun my friend.
Good afternoon Graham,

Yes, for some reasonwith one field left to combine and no hurry to do it we all loaded up and headed off to DC thenight before, helped them prepare for the autocross and made 10 or 12 runs and ended up hooked. So I'd like to try it again now with the moded car and see if it is a lot different.

Wow! 10 acres! That is a lot of surface to lay a course out on!

So you race two at a time on side-by-side identical courses? That sounds cool and must be great for the spectators. A pity they put both events on the same weekend but maybe due to distance they didn't think it would result in a a lot of conflict.

Are you entering?? Taking vid clips??!! I'm going to try to mount the cameras on the car and see what I can capture............


Garry.. I won't be entering anything this time as my Vette is still undergoing mods/construction/etc... I will be up that way visiting family and we are thinking of attending the Slalom and the Sunday Convention dinner with our friends. Corvetters from Victoria to Winnipeg will be attending.
Good afternoon Graham,

Off to order a replacement clutch return spring that I found on the drivers floor that broke, I hope it is as east to replace as Manny said it is!

Then to go for exercise on the dike, the weather looks great.

Wow I'm really looking like a wuss if people are travelling all that distance to go to PG and I can't make it farther than two hours to DC! Still I'd like to support my local club and get more experience autocrossing. But it does sound like a good one for sure.


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