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Apr 23, 2012
Yup, the vette finally turned 100,000 and I am hoping that it has many more good drives in front of her.

While I intend on doing a write-up with some pictures of where I was (the scenery was nice), I thought it would be worth asking what services you would recommend at this mileage. In the last 10,000 kilometres I have done:

New tranny fluid

New clutch fluid--thanks Riley! Although GM thinks this is a complex--it didn't seem to hard to me.

New brakes, braided lines, rotors, and pads all last year and under 5,000 kilometres

New spark plugs and wires

Oil change and filter

Any other recommendations with this mileage? While I don't know the exact service record, I know the car was well-looked after by the previous owner. Some of the things I wonder about are:

Coolant flush

Grease job on bearings

Belts need changing? None squeak


PVC valve

Anything internal in the engine?

Thanks all. My check ABS light has come on lately since I changed the clutch fluid--I know, it's weird.......in any case, anyone else have this issue? With new brakes I shod not be having it.


coolant is probably good to do after 5 years. My vette budy changed his in his 2008 vette..... and it only has 2000 km on the car.

He said mine should be changed this year.

if the belts have tiny cracks... change them.. keep the old one as a spare

Do cars have PCV valves still.....

internal engine don't think you need to do anything.. if you had a Z06 then I would say check valvetrain........

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One thing I always wondered about and was going to change last year but didn't was my power steering fluid. I always forget about that one.

Your car definitely is in good shape for her age!
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