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Jan 12, 2009
Saskatoon, Sask
I am lucky to have a fantastic wife, this was my anniversary present from her this year! A new Humidor, and Yep those are real Cohiba's.


P.S. Thanks to ROD, for making that happen.


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I am very new to this art form, but I am really looking forward to getting new and different makes from around the world to compair.

I never realized how much went into the cigar culture, the work, the money, and the pride. its very interesting.

I still have the stoggies I bought from cuba from my honeymoon. My fave everyday cigar is San Cristobal de La Habana, my other 3 faves are upmann, Hoyo de Monterey and montecristo. Just got back from jamaica and I can confirm with certainty that there is nothing even in the same league in my experience as a cuban cigar
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