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Oct 24, 2014
......Always wanted a Corvette but it just wasn't in the cards all these years. the first Vette and I are the same age ,so am kinda running outta time here. Learned to drive in a 58 chev , and still driving one today. Got hooked on the 58 Impala and stuck with them.....long story and many 58's. This 82 is the newest car I ever bought. Built several cars and trucks over the years, did the car show thing too. But this past summer I ran a ad in kijiji looking for what I like best of the Corvette. To me the Mako Shark body style is boss. Me being old school always being different under the hood with multi carbs, I thought the last of the carb jobs 1981 was for me. It had to be white, glass roof, preferably black interior and loaded with options. Don;t want a show car, just a very nice original that could use some mechanical work as I can do anything myself, but paint and body need to be nice as I don't want to spend time building again. Had a bunch of calls, some really low miles ones too, but always wrong color or mickey moused stereo changed or engine swap etc, I noticed this 82 in Edmonton all summer, but as the price kept dropping on it, winter coming , and doing some research on this not so famous crossfire setup, I kinda changed my mind and felt this is for me. Low production year, last of the Mako Shark body style, different under the hood like I always sorta am with my cars, first fuel injection since 1965, first o/d tranny, it is white like I want and it is loaded. The only options it don't have is a cb radio and trailer hitch which I don't want anyway. Plus it has dark blue cloth interior which I think is much better then the crappy leather seats I've seen that don't age well at all. The steering wheel is still very nice shape too. Nothing was ever changed in the car, the stereo and everything else is like it left the factory. Had one repaint 20 years ago cause of a parking lot poke on front fender so insurance painted the whole car. It still looks great, not a show car but is what I want...a very nice driver. Mileage, hmmm, speedo showed 51 KM and could pass for that but it is second time round and it just turned over so has 152,000km now. Always a Alberta car, I'm 4th owner. Filled up with Esso premium, can of Sea Foam and drove it home from Edmonton 110-115 the 442 km ride home. First impression of the car, as since I never rode in one before is that it is very rough.....oh I forgot to say it has Gymkanna suspension too , visibility is not so good, the door mirrors don't really see over the rear fenders, the steering is fast so have to be alert all the time, yeah it has some balls so good the cruise worked, had to play with the power seat to try get confortable, gas guage didn't seem to be moving much so figured it was not accurate. Anyways made it home late that same night. Next day check the oil and it is clear as can be and full, so far so good, go fill it up with gas and was totally shocked....honest guys it made 29.5 mpg ! no wonder the guage wasn't moving much. Am I glad I chose the crossfire with the 700 tranny, the power is more than I need and the fuel economy is fantastic. Up on the hoist I see the frame and everything is very clean, couldn't ask for more as I have read so many nightmare stories about rusty vette's especially eastern cars. The valve covers are leaking, the pinion seal is wet , back shocks were shot, so I have a few things to tune up this winter. I felt I should do the rear wheel brgs since I can tell this car has never been apart looking at the rear rotors still riveted on, so I had some time here during harvest here on the farm and did one side so far, trailing arm bushings and new shocks. Tried the car first time the other day since I bought it and the ride improved big time, guess the shocks did the trick. It felt like a new car on the road, very tight and not a wind whistle. Anyways for now here are some pics I took of it as is .

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....I don't know why but the seats look funny color in the pics, but they are dark blue and look great. I have the bag for the roof panels and the roof panel rack all of which are like new. It has every power option. It was like going back in time and ordering the car with what I wanted, as I lucked out here finding such a car. It is also only # 748 off the assembly line.

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...Thanks Keith. Yeah I'm with you on that one, the old stuff is easy to work on. I already started buying tools to work on this 82....ETorx socket to take the U-Joint off, what a dumb idea for a bolt head ! , can't wait to start working on the motor as to me it idles abit fast so I have to figure that one out, just picked up a GM service manual.....on my other cars a screw driver fixes that in seconds......!!!!
Wow, nice clean car -- the Shark is very popular around here and yours is in great shape.
Old school here too, as many of us are, and still remember the ease of working on 'old iron'......

Have fun with the '82 -- sounds like you love workin' on 'em....

Hope to see pics of the other cars in your corral. A lot of us still remember the old stuff and have some very fond memories from way back (like to the 40's and 50's.:D)

...Oct 26 2day , cold and windy but I wanted to drive the car again before it snows so my 2nd time out since I bought it I went to Saskatoon 65 miles one way. It run really nice and I'm starting to like it more now as getting use to how it handles. Only thing city driving is abit scarey cause the view out the rear side mirrors is very poor and gotta watch out for man hole covers and pot holes in this town, not to mention some of the worst drivers in the country. On the way home stopped at the Martensville A&W and took a few pics.

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just now put on stainless exhaust tips, weak battery in camera didn't flash enough to show them good .

Just fired it up late today to take to the shop and work on it. Can't believe how easy it started sitting since last fall and being so cold lately, I like this crossfire !! Took a few pics as the sun was going down exactly, might be the first time this car ever seen snow ??



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Nice car.
I think white only looks good on the C3's, no other series.

....yeah, when I wrote up my ad last year looking for a car, I said only in white with glass roof ........and I got lucky and found a very nice one. Had it out last week again , garage to shop only.......the highways are pink with potash so fat chance I would go for a ride right now. My guess this is the first time this car ever seen a snow flake .

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